Welcome to P. Olssons!

We have all the tools in Soil conservation and turf - house development and production.

Ground care!

We have been supplying tools for the Ground care business for over 100 years and are not finished yet!

Summer ...

Our tools are specially developed and designed for daily maintenance year round.

Winter ...

Soil conservation accessories for all seasons, you will find the P Olsson in Fjalkinge!

Artificial turf!

Our tools are specially developed and designed for daily maintenance of artificial turf fields.
Both summer and winter course!

Ground care Gear & Artificial turf Gear!

Ground care Gear
For more than 100 years, years 1907, the farmer Per Olsson in Liarum began to manufacture bethackor. This was the start to the successful P. Olsson you currently find in Fjalkinge, just outside Kristianstad. The operations are eg. focused on soil conservation as sweeper, rakes, weeders and snow / winter gear for compact tractors, tool carriers.

Artificial turf Gear
Artificial turf is being built as we know, usually in places where natural grass is difficult to thrive, For example, in some courtyards, playgrounds, football, golf courses and other places.
Does this mean that artificial turf is maintenance-free?
Not at all, it must be cared for both everyday, weekly and periodically for it to stay in well-kept condition. P Olsson produces a variety of solutions for the care and maintenance of artificial turf eg. rake peg.

You can find out more about us!

Ground care
Ground care
As a result of a close collaboration with our clients throughout Scandinavia we can offer a full range of utensils today for maintenance of various surfaces throughout the year .....
Artificial turf
Artificial turf
A constant desire to develop in collaboration with our customers in various sports facilities around the country have made that we today have a complete program for maintenance of artificial turf surfaces .....
About P. Olssons
About P. Olssons
The farmer Per Olsson starts production beet hacks just outside Linderödsåsen. His uncle Per Håkansson was born near Linderödsåsen is leaving active support at the start ......
Here you will find a complete collection of our continuously recurring news .....
Download documents
Download documents
On this page all our current brochures and documents are available for download .....
Image Gallery
Image Gallery
A collection of images of products, fairs and so forth ..... Currently under construction !!!!
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